Price :



Rs. 4,999/- Per Sq.yd.

Amenities & Membership fee Per unit Rs.50,000/-


We accept all major credit cards.
Price mentioned above is final and not negotiable.

location advantages :




fine features :


  1. Impressive Entrance Arch in a pleasant environment
  2. Swimming pools.
  3. Cottage Rain Dance.
  4. outDoor SPorts
  5. Banquet Halls.
  6. Temple
  7. Cottages.
  8. Jig Jag Park
  9. Play Pen.

Routmap Srisanthi

  1. Black top 40/60 feet roads
  2. Compound wall around the venture with solar fencing
  3. Electrical cabling
  4. Plantation for every 15ft.
  5. Designed Electric poles with lighting
  6. Electronic Gate
  7. Water tank
  8. Septic tank
  9. Streets with names
  10. Underground drainage



Project Highlight:


                     Edifices of Worshhip are found anywhere,But not as divineand serene at this one here.This Hindu Temple of Sri Venkateshwara(Balaji) is the culmination of deeply felts spiritual aspirations and is visited by Thousands of people every year.

News Update


Bookingd open for Suvarnabhoomi prestigious venture


Rs.5999/- Per Sq Yard.




Bookingd open for Suvarnabhoomi prestigious venture


Rs.6599/- Per Sq Yard.



Bookingd open for Suvarnabhoomi prestigious venture


Rs.5599/- Per Sq Yard.



SUVARNABHOOMI prestigious Venture SAMAPRIYA-I sold out in One day.


Sreeramaraksha an initiative of Suvarnabhoomi actively doing everyday health activities at parks, and public places.



SAMAPRIYA-II, And SAMAPRIYA-III will be launched shortly.. for more Updates visit our website. or can call us at +91-040 42435555


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