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                  About Venture Status Symbol is a perceived visible, external denotation of one’s social position and perceived indicator of economic or social status. First time in Real Estate History Suvarnabhoomi Developers launched a biggest eco-friendly venture in AP which represents the status of every person. A plot in Status Symbol gives you a prestigious status. Status Symbol is a place that is bit away from the restrictions of the city, yet a wish away from all the benefits. Suvarnabhoomi’s “Status Symbol” is located at Gopalapuram (Lankelapalem) which is very nearer to NH-4. Status Symbol venture is a fastest growing location with close proximity to the transport facilities and prominent places in the area.

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Suvarnabhoomi cordially invites you and your family for Launching of
Rs.5999/- Per Sq Yard
Bookings open for Suvarnabhoomi's prestigious venture 
Rs.6999/- per Sq. Yard
Bookings open for Suvarnabhoomi's prestigious venture 
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