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Fine Features:


  1. Gigantic Entrance Arch
  2. Compound Wall Throughout Site
  3. Solar Fencing Security
  4. Under Ground Storm Water Line.
  5. Under Ground S.W.R Line.
  6. Under Ground Plumbing Line.
  7. B.T Roads.
  8. C.C Kerbing.
  9. Gigantic Water Sump.
  10. Avenue Plantation.
  11. Drip Irrigation For Avenue Plantation.
  12. Over Head Electric Line
  13. C.C Customer Name boards.
  14. Kalathapasvi Park (Suvarna Vanam , Chadaranga Maidanam ,Neeti Kolanu).
  15. Karteeka Vanam.
  16. Medical Garden.
  17. Aromatic Garden.
  18. Flower Garden.
  19. Fruit Garden.
  20. Sports park.
  21. Tot lot (Children’s Play Area).
  22. Helipad.
  23. Gigantic Maze(Puzzle Way).
  24. Combined Club House.
  25. Total Parks drip irrigation.
  26. Entrance Land Scaping.
  27. Entrance Land scaping.

News Update


Bookingd open for Suvarnabhoomi prestigious venture


Rs.5999/- Per Sq Yard.




Bookingd open for Suvarnabhoomi prestigious venture


Rs.6599/- Per Sq Yard.



Bookingd open for Suvarnabhoomi prestigious venture


Rs.5599/- Per Sq Yard.



SUVARNABHOOMI prestigious Venture SAMAPRIYA-I sold out in One day.


Sreeramaraksha an initiative of Suvarnabhoomi actively doing everyday health activities at parks, and public places.



SAMAPRIYA-II, And SAMAPRIYA-III will be launched shortly.. for more Updates visit our website. or can call us at +91-040 42435555


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